1,000 Words – A Photo Workshop and Exhibition at the Alzheimer’s Association

Many of our projects are commissioned and created for purposes of medical education. We design innovative ways for physicians to see and hear patients’ experiences and voices to inform and impact practice. Our end products are wide ranging from first person videos to curated gallery exhibits. We frequently use patient created images and their narration of these in our projects, all created in structured workshops with a variety of patient populations, to gain important insights and answer questions about their experiences in the world of medicine.

In this project, we were invited to work with a group of early stage Alzheimer’s clients in identifying words that had meaning to them and then depicting these in photographic images. Among the purposes were to create a way for participants to communicate to themselves, each other and the larger world of friends, family, Staff and Board Members about aspects of their lives which may have previously been unknown or unseen. The group selected the words: Beauty, Perspective, Heart and Sanctuary. The culminating event was a Gallery Exhibit with Annie Levy interviewing the participants, allowing them to share their work and their perspectives with the attendees.

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